The Appeal Of Free Slots

Something that online casinos offer that offline casinos never would is the chance to play slot machines for free. This is just one advantage that online casinos have over offline ones and why, to some extent, this is hurting the business of offline casinos while boosting the visits to online versions.

The main reason that virtually every online casino offers their players a chance to experience their favorite slot games for free is that this draws people to them that might be turned off from the experience otherwise. While some people simply can’t afford to play slot machines for real money, many others won’t do so only because they do not want to gamble on a game they are not familiar with.

The hopes in offering free slot play is that the online casinos can help people get so comfortable with the games that after playing them for free for a while they are then convinced it is worth spending money on, and the profit an online casino makes increases with each new player.

Aside from online casinos that are geared towards high rollers, which most of them aren’t, they give players the option of trying their slots for free or betting money on them. An online casino can bring in more players if they offer free game play on slots because that means game play is not limited to those of legal gambling age. Of course, players have to be of legal age to join an online casino, but there are ones out there that let people play their games without signing up for a membership.

The odds of winning a slot machine game are much less than the odds of winning any table game, whether it is at an offline casino or an online casino. For that reason alone, many people hesitate to play slot machines if they must gamble real money to do so. By offering slot machine game play for free online casinos attract those who are hesitant to play because of their odds of winning.

Some people play slots simply for the love of the games and this is another reason that free slot machines are so popular. Online casinos don’t have to worry that when people play their slots for free they will run the risk of finding out they have a gambling problem or making an already existing gambling problem worse.

A fairly new trend in online casinos is for offline casinos to create an online version of themselves. The Golden Nugget Casino is one example of an offline casino that now has an online counterpart. The hope is that people will have so much fun playing the slot machine games online that they won’t be able to resist traveling to the real Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey to have the full casino experience.

In short, free slot machine play is a marketing tool used by online casinos to make themselves more appealing to players.